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ANBOSON Security systems kept Dongguan Radio Broadcasting & Television University safe


In order to strengthen school security, Dongguan Radio Broadcasting & Television University recently upgraded the existing security systems with some new security cameras and systems provided by ANBOSON to provide a better security environment. The security monitoring centre was placed in the central computer room of science building in university with video recording time of at least 15 days.


According to the university and its surrounding environments, our technical engineers offered a tailor-made and convenient surveillance solution to ensure effective and real-time video surveillance throughout the entire university and surroundings. The school fences and side gates were provided with some HD IR color CCTV cameras that’s able to keep university surrounding areas secure day and night. Some high speed day and night dome cameras were installed near university front gate to capture clear video across a wide area.  Meanwhile pan/tilt varifocal bullets were located at the entrance/exit of lab building to detect potential security threats.


The video data and signals of cameras distributed throughout the university and its surroundings are transmitted to a monitoring management sever via the internet, which allows operators to view and record live videos, and declare permissions from the monitoring software. After connecting video network management server via IE browser, the users can access and manage the whole security system and have a real-time view of multiple live videos.  For example, the school leaders are able to view, record and manage live streaming cameras via their individual computers.  We also used UPS systems to provide uninterrupted power for whole security camera system that can still run normally up to two hours after power outrage.


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