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Traffic control


major function
1. The utility model has the function of passing a motor vehicle, a non motor vehicle and a pedestrian record
2, with license plate recognition function
3, with picture capture function
4, with automatic fill function
5, the vehicle has control function
6, with characters superimposed function
7, with video surveillance video function, front-end configuration terminal server, you can support front-end storage
8 、 image tamper proofing function
9, the front circular coverage and HTTP functionality
10 、 equipment remote maintenance function
11 、 front chassis anti-theft alarm function
System characteristics
1 、 embedded design of equipment: embedded fan free camera, embedded DSP storage terminal, adapt to the application environment of intersection;
2, the system has simple structure, high integration: the integration of high-definition camera, video capture in vehicle detection, intelligent recognition, IPC video surveillance and other functions; the terminal server set simulation video, network video, picture storage, equipment management and other functions;
3, according to the city, rural special bayonet bayonet system design: from the actual situation, considering the urban and rural non motor vehicles, bayonet bayonet pedestrian traffic accounted for relatively large features, designed the "bayonet system machine, non," capturing and recording, to achieve full control over to the target;
4, all-weather high-definition imaging: special camera of intelligent transportation by independent research and development, the road scene in "sooner or later," smear Shun backlighting "light" and "low illumination night" objective situation made specific optimization, ensure all-weather imaging clearly;
5, rich and practical intelligent identification function: the industry's first body color identification technology, the industry's unique models segmentation identification technology. 


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