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Program function:
At school (college, middle school, primary school, kindergarten) gate, teaching building, building, dormitory, campus, parking lot and other places to install high-definition cameras, a large range of places to install the integration of high-definition network intelligent high-speed ball, smaller local installation integration through the campus network camera, network transmission to the monitoring center and the school room, 24 hours on duty monitoring by hand, while maintaining all day long continuous recording and save video data of 30 days.
At the same time, the school through the line and county (city) education center are connected, and the video transmission school through the line to the county (city) the monitoring center of the Education Bureau, inspection by educational center of the area unified schools, cooperate with public security departments, once found the alarm immediately out of the police, in order to ensure students safety, maintenance of campus security.
Program highlights:
Digital monitoring scheme is carried out through the network, you can transmit video images to all levels of regulatory authorities as needed
Monitoring: the school's monitoring center or security room by a special person on duty, the campus surveillance video surveillance, such as the ball machine, you can also control the ball left and right swing, video amplification or reduction.
Video recording: videos can be simultaneously recorded in schools and educational authorities. Videos can be taken as effective evidence when relevant police or dangerous events occur
Remote inspection: after the monitoring system is established, the competent education authorities at all levels can conduct long-distance inspections of schools through special lines, which can monitor the situation of the campus in a timely manner. Once a danger occurs immediately out of the police.
Remote monitoring: campus gate or other important installation monitoring, you can monitor employees and customers at the company's headquarters.
Remote intercom: in the monitoring center of the school or the Education Bureau, speech intercom can be carried out for each monitoring point according to the requirements, which is convenient, quick and saves a lot of telephone calls
Remote alarm function: external infrared, alarm device, night criminals to enter into the campus, can trigger an alarm, to deter criminals but also at the same time, the alarm information is uploaded to the monitoring center and the level of education department.


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