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Medical care


Program function
The integrated security system mainly includes two parts of hospital security systems and remote medical system, the security system and video monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, entrance control system, access control card system and communication system; telemedicine system including remote viewing, remote consultation and surgical teaching etc. telemedicine system.
The integrated security system of hospital with iVMS-7000 centralized network management platform as the core, the seamless integration of various security systems, passive monitoring to active monitoring, improve working efficiency, speed up the response time of hospital emergency, to improve the overall security system can.
Program highlights
1, high-definition camera applications
The traditional hospital security system used for analog SD devices, has been unable to meet the current hospital "see" and "needs to look", both inside and outside the hospital to monitor the market mainstream network HD equipment, make the image more clear, details more clearly and monitoring target wider coverage.
2 、 intelligent analysis and patrol application
The traditional way of monitoring system is to find evidence passively after the event, which can not stop the incident in time. With the development of video technology, intelligent technology can greatly reduce the work pressure and intensity of hospital security personnel, and take passive treatment as active defense.
3, alarm, access control, fire protection system integration
The hospital currently has a large number of construction of the security system, each system has a set of independent platform, this scheme will be video, alarm, access control, fire control, exit system functions into a set of platform, the personnel on duty only need a platform to complete all operations, reducing the staff response time, improve work efficiency.
4, three in one platform
The hospital integrated security system not only integrates various security subsystems, but also integrates remote visit, tele consultation and surgical teaching. At the same time, the management of the hospital can also realize the visual management of the people, the money and the objects in the hospital through the platform.
5, and superior departments linkage
The hospital comprehensive security system supports GB/T28181, DB33 and other networking protocols, and realizes the networking response with the higher authorities or the public security departments. 

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