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Program function:
Implementation of trigger video:
At the top of a truck lifting FD961 digital camera, and connected by the mobile hard disk camera USB interface connected to the middle position of the door at the top of the door alarm equipment and camera installed RS 232 interface, when the door is opened when the door alarm device is triggered to start video camera, stop the video when the car door is closed.
Implementation of video data downloading:
The cab and logistics company, the general control computer room were placed AP wireless router in the truck, when the truck entered the headquarters depot, with total vehicle control and logistics company AP AP wireless router wireless router computer network, the system prompts to download video data, the control computer can choose to download instructions in mobile hard disk video data to the video server, can also choose to set the delayed download time.
Implementation of logistics vehicle monitoring in a work cycle:
We view the vehicle as a working cycle from the first departure from the head office to the first visit to the headquarters.
The logistics company all vehicles are numbered by IP camera, when the vehicle is in the headquarters of the general control computer identification for vehicle waiting state, when the vehicle left at the headquarters of the wireless network will be disconnected, the master control computer will instead of the left vehicle in the state, as long as the door opened Sinotrans goods will trigger the self recording function, only the door since the video will stop off.
When the vehicle to complete the freight task back to headquarters, will be connected to the wireless network, the general control computer will be the vehicle state by leaving to return, when the vehicle is in the state of the video data began to return to the video server to download browse access when the download is complete, the total control computer will change the vehicle state is ready, mobile the hard disk data empty, at this time a work cycle is completed.
Project characteristics:
Automatic steering USB interface characteristics and network transmission of audio and video information in the network. The use of FD961 digital camera connected network is the network transmission through the wireless AP continued to achieve user needs.
The logistics vehicle every day car number and time limited, assuming every day to open the door for 2 hours, data traffic per day is 20 x 25 x 3600 x 2 = 450M, mobile hard disk, a 80G video time is about 170 days.


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