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Commercial complex


Program function
In order to solve the problems of office buildings exist in the field of security, we launched more targeted industry solutions, providing centralized management and system security business linkage for the office building, optimizing the management efficiency, reduce security work intensity, improve the alarm response speed, at the same time, through a variety of intelligent, high-tech means and change the original mode of passive response to active prevention, risk will be strangled in the cradle, from the foundation to overturn the old security model, to create a new security mechanism for the office building, to provide a more perfect intelligent building for users.
This scheme uses DSS-H700 software and hardware integration machine as the core, combined with the special needs of office building in the field of security, integration of all office application building security subsystem, the design of the video monitoring system, alarm subsystem, card access control system, parking lot management subsystem, intelligent analysis subsystem, video intercom system etc., and provide a comprehensive management platform for unified management.
Program highlights
1, centralized management, low coupling between subsystems, while external is a unified system entrance, convenient management.
2, the program is equipped with high-definition front-end products, as well as leading intelligent sub personification products.
3, RFID, face, license plate recognition technology in a variety of entry and exit, effectively facilitate the entry of personnel and vehicles, effectively refused to have hidden dangers of personnel and vehicles.
4, low delay alarm signal transmission, and alarm video video linkage mechanism, effectively protect the security, reduce false positives, effectively reduce the security workload.
5, each line of defense is well arranged, close ties between the lines, and truly 24 hours without dead angle guardian security.
6, stratified, all-round, 360 degree three-dimensional protection.

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