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Successfully registers trademark in Hong Kong





Shenzhen ANBOSON Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company of ANBOSON, is pleased to announce that it has successfully registered trademark“ANBOSON”in Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong S.A.R China with trademark number “303886291”, which came after its registration in the EU.



 It is known that ANBOSON people always concentrate their thoughts on the trademark and brand strategy.The success of“ANBOSON”trademark registration in Hong Kong marks a significant milestone for globalization of ANBOSON brand and it’s also a result of well-established company mechanism as well as coordinated wisdom and efforts from all of ANBOSON staff. There will be higher brand recognition amid customers and agents towards“ANBOSON”following its trademark registration in Hong Kong, which is an important step to global brand campaign characterized by good products quality and sound company reputation.



Hong Kong is an international metropolis in Asia, functioning as an international financial, trade and ship centre that plays a significant role in international trade and logistics transportation development. There are three subsidiary companies for ANBOSON including Shenzhen ANBOSON Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen ANBOSON Industries Co., Ltd and ANBOSON(HK) Technology Co., Ltd.        


ANBOSON(HK) Technology Co., Ltd comes at a time when all international orders products from Shenzhen ANBOSON Technology Co., Ltd are sent to its HK warehouse and then exported worldwide. The idea is reinforced that“ANBOSON”registration in Hong Kong is beneficial to its trademark&intellectual property protection and it also marks a new phase in enhancing brand competitiveness, brand voice and influence around the world.



Marketing strategy will be adopted soon in terms of building independent website and LOGO for ANBOSON(HK) Technology Co., Ltd. In following foreign trade process, giant efforts will be made by “ANBOSON”targeting its own brand recognition instead of OEM services for clients, a unique move that will reaffirm the trust of ANBOSON brand in video surveillance industry.


Company brand, which is based on company development, can also promote the development of a company. Rapid development of a company can improve its brand profile greatly and it’s same true that higher competitiveness and reputation of company brand remain as a driving force for company development. Such concept, fitting in with market economy as a consequence of market competition, tells us that it’s a kind of attitude constantly struggling with pressure in attempt to improve products quality in every process that all ANBOSO staff should hold dear to build ANBOSON as an excellent brand. We believe greater ability and higher brand lead to more responsibilities and constant pursuit of excellence by all of ANBOSON staff can build ANBOSON as a benchmark brand in the industry.

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