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Five tips to select the best security camera




Before selecting security cameras, you need to take account of some basic factors such as installation environment, monitoring objects, monitoring way, maintenance and budget as well as the fact that selected security cameras can work normally as part of public security alarm systems and public security administration. 


Compatibility and standardization 


System compatibility is a key to normal connection between devices based on different brands and protocols, which is also important to ensure effective communications and data exchange among different devices or systems.  Besides, system components such as control protocol, transport protocol, interface protocol, video coding and decoding as well as video and audio file formats should be chosen according to national or industry standards. 


Powerful operating system


A power security operating system usually supports multi-display mode and multi-view intelligent round-robin switching as well as multi-mode early warning, along with real-time recording, timing recording, alarm recording and start/stop trigger recording etc.  Additionally, other functions such as image capturing and printing, intelligent and quick video playback search are also very important to be considered.


Easy access to surveillance video


Since centralized digital network surveillance is IP-based, it enables users to monitor and record security camera live streams, watch one or multiple playback images remotely or in local area network.  After being authorized, connected computers can also access live view of security camera streams,   making it possible for people to keep a constant eye on targeted surveillance areas despite their far locations. 


System expansion capabilities 


Security camera system expansion capability decides how many CCTV cameras can be added to whole monitoring system

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