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Seminar on "GB/T29490-2013 standards implementation"



A seminar in relation to Implementation of the National enterprise Intellectual Propert management (hereafter referred to as "GB/T29490-2013 standards "  was held on 5th July,2017 by ANBOSON with leadership presence.


“GB/T29490-2013 standards”,which’s issued as the first state standards of intellectual property in China,is aimed to help enterprises build effective and scientific management systems of intellectual property. The seminar presented a good opportunity for participates to learn why it is important, know the basic procedures and requirements of  GB/T29490-2013 standards implementation. At the seminar, the leadership representative reiterated its importance, announced the formation of GB/T29490-2013 standards work mechanism and read appointment letters of  team members.


GB/T29490-2013 standards implementation is conducted  to improve intellectual property management and contribute to intellectual property protection,which is crucial for sustainable business development. All staff in ANBOSON should pay a high attention to this task and ensure it is carried out thoroughly in their work by finding and resolving work problems with innovative ideas and higher business skills. It’s apparent that “GB/T29490-2013 standards implementation” will play an important role helping ANBOSON employees improve awareness of intellectual property protection, creating innovative company atmosphere and enhancing the overall competency in the market.


The seminar on “GB/T29490-2013 standards” , which made participates become aware of the urgency for management innovation, was followed by guidelines to build innovative management system covering R&D, quality control, marking,employee training, after-sales.The new system demonstrates ANBOSON’s commitment to put management innovation in  strategic position to achieve a significant improvement in management. It’s important to note that “GB/T29490-2013 standards implementation” took place in ANBOSON to keep company quickly adapting to any new changes and stand out in fiercely competitive markets .Only companies that make constant innovations with ownership of intellectual property are able to stay ahead of competitors in market expansion and maintain market shares.


The seminar on “GB/T29490-2013 standards” marks a significant step towards building standard and systematic management system, a further step that’s beneficial to improving innovations, defending market position and protecting intellectual property legally.

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