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An introduction to solar powered outdoor camera systems


Solar powered outdoor wireless security camera system is a perfect solution in some remote areas where grid is not available or power solution is not suitable for high electric bill or unstable power reasons.  In general, solar powered security camera system works in a process where sunlight is converted directly into electricity by each solar cell in the panels and the regulator unit charges the system batteries and  then provides the regulated power output for cameras, wireless video transmission system or other devices .


Solar powered security camera system is made up of solar power panels, solar charger controller, rechargeable battery and an inverter.  As the most important component in whole system, solar panel is used to convert sun’s rays into electric energy and provides regulated power output for devices. Solar charger controller is an apparatus that’s designed to control the amount of charge going into the batteries in order to prevent damage to the battery bank.  The battery used in a solar power system is designed for storage of electric energy that’s converted from sunlight. Finally a DC/AC inverter is also required to convert DC current generated by the solar panel into AC current because some devices used are AV power system. 


Solar powered wireless security camera systems are usually installed in the wild field or places in the city that do not support long wire runs such as reservoir bar, highway road, tunnel, islands, border, forest , construction site, oil and gas area, just to speak a few. These places have something in common that there is no access to power and internet as well as nobody on duty but real-time video surveillance is required with some environmental-friendly systems.


Video data of solar powered camera systems is transmitted in three kinds of ways including wireless microwave solution, 3G/4G wireless network solution and wiring solution.  The selection of a method depends on specific situation and requirement. For example, WiFi solution is usually considered in some remote suburbs where  WiFi signal penetrating is not affected by barriers such as buildings or valleys between cameras and control centre.  However, 4G wireless solution is inevitable when many barriers interfering with Wifi signal  exist between cameras and control room.


An increasing number of solar powered camera systems will emerge as an environmental-friendly solution due to the facts that electrical power can be generated continuously within the system and  wireless remote control is available., along with many other benefits such as saving wiring materials and electrical power, reducing construction time, bypassing geographic restrictions and so on.

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