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Congratulations on the success of ANBOSON attending Guangdong(Indonesia) Commodity Fair 2017



Our company has successfully attended Guangdong (Indonesia) Commodity Fair 2017 that’s held in Jakarta Convention Center from 23-25 August 2017. The three-day fair helped reach our exhibit goal by presenting us a good opportunity to develop some potential new customers and in the meantime strengthen our relationship with existing customers.




During three days at the fair, our smart 360-degree Pan&Tilt wireless home camera was particularly popular among both new and existing customers who were impressed and tended to cooperate with us. Some other home security products on display in the booth also drew a great attention from customers, particularly some big buyers in industry. Therefore, it’s no wonder that all items in our booth were ordered on the first day of exhibition.




At the fair, ANBOSON salespeople listened to customers’ questions and needs carefully and responded in a professional and patient manner. During interaction with customers, our salespeople showed the products in use, and knew about customers’ needs as well as learning about local industry trends. Meanwhile, our customers also gave us some positive and valuable suggestions on products design, which’s crucial for improving products innovation and increasing competitiveness.



The fair, which’s not professional security fair though, helped us reach many target audience, especially some big buyers in security industry, and improve ANBOSON brand voice and influence effectively.




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