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CCTV security cameras are commonly used at constructions sites


CCTV security systems are required as an inevitable part of construction sites management and control in a bid to have access to real-time monitoring towards construction sites for ensuring construction safety, fire security and civilized management as well as deterring potential vandals and thieves.


Generally speaking, construction site CCTV camera security system consists of front-end devices, all-in-one network monitoring post and monitor terminal devices. Front-end devices usually include CCTV cameras and video server that’s provided with HDD for real time monitoring as well as video storage. Monitoring post can be installed inside management centre room. For monitor terminals, it depends on specific construction site requirement and it can be smart phones, PC monitor and big screen


Construction site security systems require video surveillance day and night so IR CCTV cameras or even starlight cameras are needed. Protection shade serves as protector to prevent your cameras from possible damaging of rain and wind. In order to have a all-direction real-time view of construction sites at every corner,  CCTV cameras needs to be installed near construction gate doors, on two sides of buildings, on top of shelf, and in some special important areas.


As construction sites is on the rise in many places around the world following rapid pace of urbanization, some environmental concerns have emerged such as dust and noise pollution. As a result, apart from security systems, dust and noise regulation is also put on the agenda of construction sites management, which entails an increasing popularity of dust and noise monitoring system. Such system is made up of detector, DTN, monitoring management platform and remote access system. 


Detector or sensor plays a pivotal role in whole system because it can realize a kind of quick, accurate and real-time monitoring as well as recording and counting pollution standard index, along with triggering pollution alarm system.  As long as alarm system is triggered, some detailed information like data files, site photos, pollution source and contact way of people in charge can be sent to administrative centre for dealing with issues immediately.


Broadly speaking, Smart CCTV camera security systems can address many issues facing construction sites such as construction safety, civilized management, environmental protection, personnel    manage and so on with real-time monitor and control of sites day and night.

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