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How to build the right surveillance control room?

Writer:Surveillance ControlDate:2017-09-16



To view and manage all of security cameras in a coordinated and effective manner, the surveillance control room is an inevitable part of medium to large scale video surveillance projects. Therefore, it’s necessary to take consideration of some basic tips on how to build a fantastic surveillance control room.


The surveillance control room should be designed with Drop ceiling tiles or suspended ceilings, beneficial to running cables and making a beautiful room.  In order to prevent damage from static electricity, anti-static flooring is important to be laid in surveillance control room to ensure the back-end video surveillance devices can work normally.  The anti-static floor also makes it easier to conduct maintenance work of cabling and security equipments.


As video wall and security console are the key aspects in the large-scale control room enabling operators to manage and control security cameras, they need to be paid a high attention in terms of design and quality.  The excellently-design video wall with excellent picture quality is crucial for operators to access and view live feed surveillance footages effectively.


Considering the massive security devices working and meanwhile emitting enormous heat in the control room of large-scale surveillance system, the air-conditioning system needs to be put into place against the high temperatures.  In order to ensure security systems in control room work normally under a certain workplace temperature, there should be temperature control sensors and temperature safety indicator signs in place.


As with large-scale surveillance systems, the emergency power must be prepared in case of power cut. It is essential for ensuring the continuous operation of the whole security systems as well as avoiding the damage to the security equipments.

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