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Congratulations! The “ANBOSON” trademark was successfully registered in America



We’re pleased to announce the successful registration of our trademark “ANBOSON” in the USA by United States Patent and Trademark Office. With patent number of 5185360, the “ANBOSON” trademark will be protected starting from 28th April, 2017 to 28th April, 2027 in the United States.


As the largest consumer market in the world, America has its annual import volume of trade goods worldwide of more than USD 1,100 billion. It also features the NO.1 import economy for China so the goods from China are located everywhere in America.  Generally speaking, due to the mature market economy, the consumers in America pay a high attention to the quality and brand of products. There’s also a very high demand across the Americas for the products from perspective of safety, brand, packing, instructions, after-sales, just to speak a few.


Despite the huge amount of “Made-in-China” goods in America, the majority of these products are produced with OEM or ODM service, which brings brand value to American companies instead of Chinese manufacturers. Besides, this phenomenon still continues with a small proportion of Chinese companies successfully expanding businesses in America with their own brands and most of companies in China still stick to OEM and ODM manufacturing at the expense of low labouring force. However, this can lead to a huge difference on the profits that can amount to several times or dozens of times between branded companies and manufacturers due to lack of brand awareness among consumers. The good news, though, is that an increasing number of manufacturers in China come to realise the importance of brand on business sustainability in the wake of growing labouring and raw material costs.


From the very beginning, ANBOSON puts brand development and its global competitiveness in an important position, dedicated to building a powerful brand identity in security industry and creating more value for customers. The application of “ANBOSON” trademark registration in America was filed for the purpose of facilitating our brand strategy and market development. The success of registration is essential for improving our company’s competitiveness and protecting basic benefits in local market. It also means from the day when “ANBOSON” was officially registered in America our trademark will be protected by American laws. This is crucial for carrying out our export plans and market strategy in America and improving brand influence around the world.


The success of “ANBOSON” trademark in the USA will play an important role helping us build a powerful brand identity and enhance ANBOSON brand awareness among consumers. In a bid to increase the influence and awareness of our brand across the Americas, we’re going to set up some long term relationship with local agents for developing tailor-made strategic market plans. The plans will be conducted to increase business market share, enhance after-sale service and improve brand royalty.



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