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ANBOSON unveiled wireless camera app for android and ios



Adding cameras


1.  Internet Mode -

a.  Access devices quickly and effectively in the case of WiFi ,~20 seconds  , As well as configuring device to match with router via sound wave ,35~50 seconds-

b.  Wiring connection(Ethernet connection)

Tips on Ethernet connection:

1.  Start to add devices after the Ethernet port lights up with cable plugged into .

Add devices after they are  found in the APP

Wireless mode will be closed

4.   Adding mode needs to be reset so as to choose wireless mode


2. Local-Demo


Ideal for giving a quick camera demo

Suitable for use in complex network when internet adding is not available

Benefits of local mode:

1. Quick and convenient connection

2. You do not need to access devices over the internet

3. LAN network system comes with stable and strong transmission


3. AP mode-Hotspot  accessible

a. Keep reset button pressed for at least 10 seconds until you hear a long beeping sound from devices. Search and access the hotspot on your smart phones named IPC365+AP+MAC to add  devices

 b. Internet is not available after AP hotspot is accessed ; You need to power-off and restart device instead of keeping reset button pressed in order to change AP mode into normal mode


Video Encryption


1.Default encryption


2.Custom encryption

          Camera setting—video encryption—custom encryption-set password


Multiple preview modes


Panorama and 3D Navigation


The 3D navigation function, which comes with saving time spent on swiping finger back and forth across the screen for rotating the images, is able to guide you to the targeted images in an accurate, fast and convenient manner.


Motion Alert

The detection alert function is offered to make you receive motion alerts videos and notifications


Introduction to APP  setting interface





APP Permissions

1. Target:Access the user's location to connect device with updated server  

2. Microphone:Access microphone for voice communications

3. Storage: Access  storage for saving local video recording and screenshots


Switch location

a.  switch location:The APP offers service of switching locations accordingly

 b. Change server: Tap the (!) exclamation point and log in again to change server and view videos normally

Global could video services

Servers in Brazil: South America countries;

Servers in Shanghai:China mainland;

Servers in Frankfurt:Africa and Europe;

Servers in Singapore:Rest of Asian countries and regions(not including Japan, North Korea and Taiwan


Servers in North America:Countries and regions in North America(including Japan, Taiwan and South Korea)


Local recording and store screenshots

a. APP storage:Local recording and screenshots are stored in APP albums  

b. IOS storage:Find local recording and screenshots in smart phone

 albums if your phone runs IOS

c.  Android storage: The users can find local recording  and screenshots

by either following IOS storage way or going through

mobile phone folder-APP name-capture-record


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