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Some tips for installing surveillance systems in hotel


Video surveillance systems constitute a very important part of hotel security and administration of public security.  A successful installation of surveillance systems can ensure protection of people and property and in the meantime works effectively to deter potential criminal behaviours. What matters more for hotel surveillance should be assisting police with important footage clues. Therefore, it’s really very necessary to get some know-how about installation of  hotel surveillance systems.


Typically, PTZ network camera  with large optical zoom module  or panoramic cameras can be installed in hotel lobby to catch a live view of large volumes of people. Additionally, some indoor dome cameras can also be used to observe critical points in lobby such as reception desk for the sake of safety.


After installing cameras in lobby, you need to make sure cameras are also put on every corner of other areas in hotel, particular in some critical points such as corridors, entrances and exits. For example, hotel exit passageway should be equipped with indoor dome cameras that support auto white balance, BLC and shutter adjustment.  The hallway and corridors are where colourful indoor dome cameras can be installed to improve security.


Security control room is also one element that should be considered well when installing hotel surveillance systems. Generally speaking, security control room should be built in hotel main building. The approach to building security control room should reduce the overall cabling distance, keep off other interference equipments and optimize the safety of control room. 


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