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ANBOSON maintains safety of a Chilean town



The surge of population and city traffic flow has overwhelmed city transportation and drawn a great attention to people. Public Security & Traffic Administration Bureaus all over the world expand traffic monitoring security cameras, which focus on formal traffic regulation, easing traffic congestion,civilized travel, and in the meantime reacting to traffic violations,traffic jam,traffic incidents in a immeidate and effective way.



A traffic surveillance project, located in a Chilean town, has just gotten under way in December, 2016 with cooperation between BLC xxx(a Chilean video surveillance company) and ANBOSON that’s responsible for providing a complete portfolio of solutions and products involved. Factors of road environment,clients requirements and overall budget is what brought ANBOSON ‘s 3MP outdoor dome cameras to this project and such camera,featuring motorized zoom lens as well as IP66 protection level, can capture HD images along the whole section of roads.Apart from cameras, other Peripheral products ,which are also provided by ANBOSON for operation of whole security system, include monitor, switch,media converter, media converter rack and network cables, just speak a few.



These traffic surveillance cameras, capable of detecting what’s happening to road situation with good quality live feeds, were installed at various cross-roads in the town. What’s more, when traffic jam or accident happens, personnel from security command centers can monitor live events and carry out rescue or take corresponding actions immediately.  The HD cameras also make it possible for corresponding personnel to view the photographic evidence of traffic violations and increase punishment by keeping track of vehicle and driver movement.



Satisfied with our top-end products and warm after-sale service, this Chilean client spoke highly of our technical personnel in terms of technical assistance and support. It’s also known that this project only covers a part of roads in the town and remaining roads traffic surveillance projects will be rolled out soon by his company over multiple breaks. We know it’s because of our professional traffic surveillance solutions and reliable products that lead to trust from this client who has made commitment to cooperate with ANBOSON for rest of roads surveillance projects.


As a leading internet of Things(LoT) solutions&service provider, Shenzhen ANBOSON technology Co.,ltd(hereinafter referred to as the “ANBOSON”) specializes in research, production and marketing of video surveillance products. Since established in 2008, ANBOSON has been increasing spending on R&D and adhering to technology innovation regarding video surveillance products such as HD IP Camera,AHD HD camera, network matrix,DVR,NVR,network codec, network storage and integrated management platform,etc. Clients we serve all over the world cover more than 50 application areas including smart city,ITS,political and legal departments, electricity, education, finance, environmental protection,garrison, border defense, city management, retailing ,building and so on.

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