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Command centre


Command center display control system with integrated platform as the core control unit, can easily achieve a variety of signal access, and output to the LCD LCD or DLP splicing screen or MPDP large screen for high-definition display.
Command center video display control platform powerful ability of data processing and control system using mosaic screen, can realize the single screen display, full screen display, display, image segmentation, arbitrary superposition of arbitrary cutting display, any combination of display, image processing, image roaming, translucent mixed image stretching and LOGO/OSD display and other functions, to meet user the picture shows the demand.
Program highlights
1) integrated high-definition encoding, high-definition digital matrix, high-definition image output, high-definition image control functions, to achieve video images from acquisition, transmission, coding, switching control to display the full application;
2) supports analog tag, analog high-speed wire, network calibration, network high-definition, digital high-definition and other front-end monitoring hybrid compatible access, while supporting computer signals, video conferencing signals and other signals decoding wall;
3) highly integrated system, video matrix, RGB matrix, the traditional video monitoring system in video codec, large screen splicing device function is integrated into the integrated video platform, realized the room wiring streamline, and reduce the cost of system construction, and greatly improve the stability and reliability of the system;
4) can be compatible with a number of analog matrix, can realize the interconnection and mutual control with the original analog matrix system, effectively protect the user's investment;
5) support cascaded through the optical fiber or the network can meet the requirements on the implementation of multi-level architecture, lower resource calls and cross matrix equipment control, and the optical fiber cascade can realize real-time lossless transmission of video signal, guarantee the high quality and low delay video;
6) can provide real-time fogpentrating function is not affected by the fog, haze, rain and other weather, to ensure clear display of the image; at the same time support frame times Chang significant function, can significantly improve the video moving object in dynamic jump, improve the fluency of the image, to ensure a comfortable viewing effect.

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