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Panoramic VR Camera:Black technology for CCTV




Great incentives was given recently to smart security systems following a higher attention to personal and property safety, which is particularly true when video security investigation requirement is on the rise among people Recently. Now the spotlight falls on a 360-Degrees VR CCTV Camera from ANBOSON, a company keeping pace with latest information technology such as VR technology that is hyped crazily recently.


Today let’s spend some time unveiling such amazing 360-Degrees VR CCTV Camera.  


Photos above make it easy to find VR CCTV Camera is a both amusing and user-friendly product featuring 360-Degrees seamless panorama and inspiring visual impact.




It is absolutely beyond your imagination that what fun will be brought to you by such VR CCTV Camera. By wearing VR glasses, you will have a sense of walking on air with everything in space seem so real and clear like enjoying a 3D movie. Such a high-grade product deserves your collection




There are four different viewing modes available for free rotation with cell phone including PTZ mode,panorama mode,corridor mode and traditional split screen mode. The automatic cruise system which means camera can automatically capture everything in 360 degrees and zoom in pictures is also unique to such VR CCTV Camera. Apart from this,you can also rotate,move,zoom in or out of pictures freely.




How about motion detection? The motion detection or say alarm system is also programmed to ensure messages are immediately sent to your cell phone if anything moves in your house as long as you open alarm system when people leave house.




As with costs, difference is tremendous because one piece ANBOSON VR Camera can replace 3-4 pieces traditional cameras based on the fact that viewing angle is usually 20-75 degrees and video surveillance area is 20-30sqm for traditional camera while ANBOSON VR 3D Camera is a 360-degrees product with 100sqm video surveillance area. The idea is easily reinforced that VR 3D Camera is the best choice for office and retail store applications.



Easy and quick connection is also what matters for this VR 3D camera that supports WIFI wireless connection,SD/TF Card , two-way voice and recording function. It is also a plug and play device operated easily via mobile phone,tablet or computer without cabling construction. This product, only 300RMB more or less as a most cost-effective video security camera, can work as a complete CCTV system by adding a 32G TF card. (video recording for 5-7 days with automatic refresh after that)




On top of that, great achievements were also made by ANBOSON to strengthen IR night vision capacity of such VR 3D CCTV Camera based on current IR technology. The changes include use of three high-power led lights with fifth generation IR array technology, effectively improving night vision quality. The possibility of robbery and burglary will be reduced apparently with advent of this new CCTV Camera as a strong deterrent to those up to no good. Moreover, less thermal diffusivity, more vivid and layering color as well as higher brightness also make this product more attractive in addition to the fact that it is with five times higher lifespan and three times higher night vision than traditional ones.




Cell phone APP is also available for easy access to real-time remote view for ANBOSON VR 3D smart Camera equipped with HD 3MP F1.2 fish-eye lens. After installing such HD camera in house, wonderful pictures can be taken at any time for your family. Microphone and speaker-of which are embedded in the camera-,allow for two-way voice conversation, taking you further to your most loved people regardless of whether you are at work, on business trip or stay abroad.




In the meantime, ANBOSON also launched another outdoor waterproof Bullet panoramic VR camera, expected to appeal to more clients for its wide applications and entertainment.


As a high-tech product, panoramic VR 3D camera is approaching us now. Its appearance will undoubtedly change our life as both a multi-functional and adorable product.  

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