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Heartiest congratulations to ANBOSON on being successfully registered in the EU





Application process of “ANBOSON”trade mark in the EU, as a way to bolster company reputation worldwide and strengthen protection of intellectual property rights legally,has been conducted by Shenzhen ANBOSON technology Co.,ltd(hereafter referred to as“ANBOSON”). January,2017 marks as a significant day witnessing success of “ANBOSON” trade mark registration in the European Union, which is believed to improve “ANBOSON” brand voice and influence all over the world


The issuing date of “ANBOSON” EU trade mark is Jan 10,2017 and certificate will last for 10 years until Aug 30,2026.  Goods and services managed under “ABOSON” EU trade mark are classified in class 9 including data processing equipment(090306), wearable action tracker(090719), smart phone(090719), power distribution cabinet(090054),baby monitor(090722),tablet PC(090724), PC peripherals(090509), camera(090722),optical lens(090324)..



European Union or EU, made up of 28 countries including 500 million consumers,is one of the largest economic entity globally. It has always been difficult to acquire EU trade mark successfully,particularly for one time only- based on strict requirements and enormous existing trademarks as well as the intervention of a third party that eventually intends to register or use a trademark for similar goods. The registration process usually takes about one year to complete if everything goes on well.



“ANBOSON” intellectual property will be protected equally across the territories of the 28 member states of the EU following its successful registration in the EU, which will pave the way for extending “ANBOSON” products into global markets. In the meantime, to build “ANBOSON” as an international first-class brand in security industry,more efforts will be made to improve products quality and streamline after-sale management, along with increasing R&D expenses and stepping up global domination process.


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