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ANBOSON to build factory in Jakarta





A number of strategic plans, which include putting forward ‘Going Out’ initiative by motivating employees to travel abroad for international marketing,  have been mapped out in ANBOSON in an attempt to expand business abroad and boost brand globally. 





As one of important country along the route of “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Indonesia was selected as the first overseas market where ANBOSON began to carry out its “Going Out” strategy by assigning sales reps to march into local market for further business development.  A great and bold move was also made by ANBOSON to cooperate with a big local agent in Indonesia for building a Jakarta-based CCTV camera factory, which is believed to build stronger bonds between ANBOSON and local companies as well as driving more business opportunities through tapping into local advantageous resources





Indonesia, among the 10 biggest global economic entities, is also one of three biggest video surveillance markets in Southeast Asia countries.The demand towards video surveillance products in Indonesia is expected to rise rapidly in following several years as a consequence of higher infrastructure investment. Opportunities allowed for Chinese companies to tap into Indonesian video surveillance market are also broad from perspective of low concentration ratio for Indonesian video surveillance industry (the amount of total sales from top 15 suppliers accounts for less than 50% of overall market revenues), plus another truth that many industrial goods in Indonesia depend on import due to its weak industry foundation and underdeveloped technology. 





After a detailed market investigation was conducted,ANBOSSON made an agreement with local agent to build new factory in Jakarta,capital of Indonesia. Construction work is now underway with equipments and technical support provided by ANBOSON but workers supplied by agent.  ANBOSON Indonesian company, which will focus on production, sales and service of CCTV camera products, can offer OEM/ODM service for customers in Indonesia and neighbouring Southeast Asia countries.





Implementation of factory construction will make some contributions to local economic development and employment as well as leveraging ANBOSON’s leadership in local video surveillance market by providing high quality CCTV cameras to Indonesia and neighbouring Southeast Asia countries. It will also mark an important milestone in improving ANBOSON brand voice and influence in Indonesia and neighbouring Southeast Asia countries.





A business plan that ANBOSON will attend electronics exhibition held in this August in Jakarta, is another great move to facilitate ANBOSON’s strategic partnerships with local companies and also improve ANBOSON brand reputation and influence around the world. 




The success of Indonesia marketing just forms a part of taking ANBOSON business to a global level through international marketing based on “Going Out” initiative and a win-win game, benefiting people around the world with high-quality video surveillance products and first-class after-sales service.

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