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Congratulations! Our new website is officially launched.



We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website after several months of hard work and dedication. The new website, which’s set up to build a better multi-channel customer service platform and improve brand influence, marks a significant further step towards company  informatization. 





With a different form, function and webpage manipulation, our new website is designed to achieve a stronger business branding promotion.  Compared with old website, this new site was created with a cleaner web layout and a clearer structure, together with showing a more complete and detailed table of contents.  A detailed classification of products also enables customers to find the products they are look for quickly and efficiently.  In terms of homepage and other pages, all information on this new website is provided with both texts and graphics, leading to an awesome visual effect.




A total of eight tabs are included in new website navigation menu including “Home”, “About Us”, “Products”, “Supply portal”, “News”, “Solutions”, “Support”, “Contact Us”.  The business wechat and digital shopping QR codes added in website, when scanned with smart phones, can keep customers updated when our corporate or product news comes up.  Surely, you can also follow us on facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube and  Google plus by clicking these buttons in website. 




We also deliver customer-centric registration support on this new website to improve customer interaction, which enables customers to place orders online after adding their favourite items in shopping carts. After registration on website, customers can leave any message on website about product issues and also have privilege to know our sales promotion news as well as getting some especial coupon offers. 





As this new website has just been launched with two much content being uploaded ,  we would appreciate your feedback, suggestions or any questions that can help us to  improve user experience.  We also most particularly express our thanks to those that have been caring and supporting us and will do whatever we can in following days to serve them with better quality and service. 

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