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Some top video surveillance trends you can expect in 2017


A great change has taken place to video surveillance industry in 2016 from both technology and business aspects with more intense price competition, wider application of security cameras from home to public areas, rapid development of cloud computing technology into cameras, and increasing importance of China in the global security market. As we head into 2017, there are several key trends that will continuously dominate the security industry.


Image quality is one the rise


Despite the popularity of IP cameras in the market, demand for higher resolution cameras is still increasing. Common people will follow higher resolution security cameras by a consequence of cheaper security camera price and wider availability of HD cameras. On the other hand, reacting to a clearer view of perpetrator’s face, existing low quality security cameras already installed in public areas are likely to be replaced by higher quality cameras, which can bring more development opportunities to security industry in 2017. In some high-end applications, 4K surveillance cameras are utilized to capture video at 3840x2160 pixels that allows for zoom without loss of detail in recorded video. According to an analysis report of customer orders in 2016, ANBOSON knows what’s going on and will take decisions to focus on higher resolution IP cameras research in 2017. 


Smart household cameras catch on


Smart household surveillance cameras, it turns out, have changed people’ life a lot due to their easy and wireless operation, smart design and portable performance, along with voice intercom system that supports online video chat. A big change facing household camera is reflected in its more and more intelligent designs such as instantly alerting you when intruder is found in the family because of camera face recognition system and allowing you to check live video feed on smart phone when you leave house, etc.  Surely mobile robots camera is also another change and take a very proactive role in household arena. In this regard, ANBOSON VR panoramic camera was also described as a big step for household camera era in 2016, which integrates with VR technology to create 3D viewing effect with much wider surveillance coverage area. In 2017, it is expected that more big companies will tap into this lucrative market with smarter design products considering consumers all over the world are now drawing increasing higher attention to family security and interaction with family members. 


Security camera will be further powered by AI technology


Traditional camera systems usually require lots of time and efforts to check long stretches of video footage when some criminal or burglary behaviors happen. Due to combination of artificial intelligence and surveillance cameras, modern smart security cameras, under help of cloud storage and big data analytics technology, can filter out repetitive non-important contents and also automatically identify and detect problematic behaviors or events covering varieties of applications like police investigation, traffic management, houses, office, mall, school, square, store and so on, greatly improving alert accuracy and saving defenses investigation time. For example, the information of a passing vehicle whose driver does not buckle seat belt can be identified immediately and smart household camera can alert you when old people at home are in danger because smart security camera powered by AI can analyze sound, image and surrounding situation accordingly. Although many achievements have been made by integrating security camera systems with artificial intelligence, there is still a long way ahead for completely incorporating AI technology into security systems and improve its accuracy and efficiency. Some big steps that will be taken by ANBOSON in 2017 should probably have something to do with AI technology used to develop smarter and easier household security cameras.


Security flaws facing surveillance cameras are still a hot topic


Having a surveillance system can deter potential crime and protect your family but it is also vulnerable to unexpected remote attack. Personal information such as video stream, password, email, FTP, MSN, wireless network can be grabbed by an attackers easily when they get an access to your video cameras or other IoT devices by hosting malware. Researchers found that some common ways used by hackers to attack video cameras include taking advantage of flaws from web administration interfaces, keeping an eye on firmware and unpatched cameras vulnerable to attack as well as conducting DoS attack, etc. To copy with kinds of hacking threats facing surveillance cameras, perhaps what really matters is to improve users’ security awareness and consolidate efforts from all security companies to strengthen devices security system and spread basic security knowledge among consumers. Any individual person or organization that can make contribution on this aspect in 2017 will win great respects and honors in whole security industry.As a national high-tech security cameras manufacturer in China, ANBOSON will also passionately join this big team to spare no efforts in combating attackers targeting network cameras.

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