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Three ways to secure your home against potential threats


Family, a place where people usually feel secured, can also become an accident venue if security protection is neglected. Traditionally, people focus their efforts on protecting door and window security to secure home, which is apparently not enough now when we head into 21 century with everything changing beyond our expectation. Robbers and burglars still have chance to break in your home even your community is provided with security cameras and security personnel. Subsequently, it is very necessary  to keep some basic security tips in mind to defend your home against burglars and robbers.


Smart door locks


Smart door lock offers higher security and intelligence compared to traditional locks. Technically speaking,   Smart door lock, usually using ZigBee encryption technology, is ten times more secure than bank card and hard to be opened without key currently. In terms of unlocking ways, the majority of smart locks in the market support NFC, remote control over smart phone, password and fingerprint and so on.  Smart home APP, in which users can see whether door is open or closed, can free people from worry or even anxiety about forgetting to lock the door.


Smart CCTV Cameras


With smart CCTV cameras installed in your house, you can keep tabs on your home, child or pet anytime and anywhere while leaving home. Compared with traditional CCTV camera, Smart CCTV camera is more popular from perspective of flexibility, safety and intelligence. In addition to keeping an eye on what’s happening inside your home, you will also be alerted via SMS message when a thief or robber walks into your home because smart CCTV cameras are usually provided with motion sensors.  Flexible video playback and two-way voice intercom, which users find very useful and helpful, are also available to smart CCTV cameras.


Door&window sensors


After door and window sensors are placed on the windows and door frame or attached to a household product like drawer and safe box, an alarm message can be sent to users notifying them of some change in family. As long as receiving alarm message, user can catch a live view of what’s happening at home through online security system and then set some security rules accordingly.

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