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ANBOSON is invited to attend 2nd Guangdong (Indonesia) Commodity Fair



ANBOSON will attend the 2nd Guangdong (Indonesia) Commodity Fair held in Jakarta Convention Center from 23-25 August 2017.  The fair, which covers electronic products, security products and solar & energy saving products, is an international platform for trade exchange organized by The Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province. The local government and industrial & commercial figures pay a very high attention to this fair and have invited some world-renowned international companies including Canon, Sharp, Philips, NEC, Sony, just speak a few.


As an excellent supplier of security products in Indonesia market, we are proud to join our agents together to attend this great fair after receiving letter of invitation from local fair organizer. The fair will provide a good opportunity for us to get a better insight into requirements of customers and market trends, beneficial to reinforcing ANBOSON brand awareness and influence locally.  As is often the case, ANBOSON will deliver high-performance and high-value security products to Indonesian market under the principle of wide consultation, joint contribution and share benefits of” One Belt, One Road” initiative, contributing to making "made in China" great worldwide.


Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy and a member of the G20, is one of the five founding members of The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).  With more than 248 million people, Indonesia has the world's fourth- largest population behind China, India and America.  The surge in demand for consumer electronics, along with a great support from local government on foreign investment and basic infrastructure construction, is a huge potential opportunity for Chinese companies to tap into Indonesian markets.  Meanwhile, it’s evident that Indonesia has a broad and deep engagement with neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, acting a bridge and link for Chinese companies and those in neighbouring countries.



Dedicated to delivering reliable and innovative internet of Things (LoT) solutions, we have been striving to take ANBOSON brand to a global level by deploying “Going Out” marketing strategy.  With extensive experience and success of Indonesian security market expansion, ANBOSON acquires a very high and stable market share in local market , together with an increasing annual export revenues.  Our new factory, which ‘s just built in Jakarta this year and focuses on production, sales and service of video surveillance products, is able to deliver excellent products and service for customers in Indonesia and neighbouring South-Asia countries.


The fair presents a good chance to implement our strategic marketing plan of growing our business in Indonesia and neighbouring countries, crucial for improving brand voice and influence.  All employees in ANBOSON join together in wishing this forthcoming fair a great success. 

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