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OCR makes life easier and smarter


OCR  or say Optical Character Recognition is a kind of technology capable of converting some documents such as images captured by camera, scanned-in images or written characters on paper  into editable and searchable data.


Smart OCR technology, as a branch of artificial intelligence, has been applied in various applications in our life.  There are many kinds of mobile software in the market coming with OCR feature that support characters recognition and extraction by capturing or scanning image using a camera.  For example,   with the help of built-in OCR software in your mobile phone, you can capture or scan some new English words or difficult paragraph using mobile camera to have a clear understanding of them.


OCR technology has been used quite widely in fields of education, newspapers, library, news media, just to speak a few.  Paper documents can be converted to digital easier and faster with use of OCR technology that makes it possible to turn library books around the world into e-books as well as managing and protecting original collections in a better way.


OCR technology is also expected to improve our work efficiency in the future.  When your meeting is over, you can save whiteboard information easily by taking pictures with mobile phone and then the pictures will be automatically identified and converted into written work assignments to electronic calendar of corresponding people. This way seems more effective and convenient compared to traditional practice that people usually need to spend much time writing things down and make work assignments through mass e-mails.    



As business process will get increasingly automatic, intelligent and diversified in the future, demand for OCR use will also be on the rise which can usher in a smarter era where information is identified and archived in real time.        

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