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How to choose the right security camera system for a small business shop






Brief introductions to solutions listed above


1. We can use computer as camera monitor and install video monitoring software in the computer. The software is usually provided with security cameras together and it can also be downloaded from websites of suppliers.  With the help of instruction manual, it’s not hard to use the software.


2. For three types of security solutions above, every camera needs to be powered by a 12V power supply.


3. In terms of small business shop security system, 1.3M resolution CCTV cameras are enough to realise desired video surveillance effects across the space.  However, you can also use 2MP security cameras for a better image quality.


4. The wireless NVR kit network camera system, which’s offered usually in 4CH and 6CH, is thought to be the easiest security surveillance solution for small business shops. As cameras and NVRs are usually configured in factory, the wireless security system can work immediately as soon as cameras are finished in installation and power supply.  It’s important to note that there is limited signal transmission range for wireless security cameras which’s usually 150M under uninterrupted outdoor environment and 50M for indoor applications.


Some tips on installation of security systems.


1. As with wiring camera system, it’s conducted according to specific installation environment and usually run through the dropped ceilings. To prevent cables from being damaged by mouse, the cables can be protected and hidden with PVC.


2.The selection of camera focal length depends on viewing distance and surveillance coverage. For example, 4mm security camera is the good solution for application demanding 3-5m viewing distance and 6MM cameras for 5-10m.


3. One of security camera can be placed above cashier desk while the rest of cameras can be positioned according to shop environment


4. Remember to adjust IP address for IP network camera system before installations.

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