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ANBOSON is once again awarded as National High-tech Enterprise


The first and second batch of “National High-tech Enterprises” certification in 2017 was issued recently by the Science and Technology Innovation Commission of Shenzhen. We are very pleased that our company is once again recognized as National High-tech Enterprise with certification number of GR201744204803.

As a professional manufacturer of video Surveillance Products and solutions, ANBOSON is in the meantime among the companies of “Shenzhen second batch High-tech Enterprises 2017”, which’s issued by the Science and Technology Innovation Commission of Shenzhen and the certification number is SZ20170469.


The High and New-Technology Enterprise Program is introduced by the Chinese Government to encourage investment and development of high-tech companies by issuing innovation incentive policies.  The success of obtaining certification once again shows ANBOSON’s continuous efforts on innovation of technology, management and service, as well as representing the recognition by our industry and society towards the technology skills, customer service, innovation capabilities.


The certification will enable our company to benefit from a wide range of favourable policies within next three years such as income tax reduction, technological and financial support. It also plays an important role improving the company innovation capability and brand influence.  In addition, the national high-tech company will be given enhanced protection of intellectual property, crucial for improving innovation awareness, marketing and sales capabilities.


The success of High-tech Enterprise certification application will bring us more challenges on research and innovation with higher goals to achieve. However, we will strictly abide by the listed rules and standards of High-tech Enterprises and take active measures to increase company creativity and innovation, boost R&D investment, build scientific and innovative management system.  As is often the case, we will continue our efforts to improve products quality and customer service in a bid to build our killer core competency that helps us become a reputable, service-oriented and innovative company around the world. 

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