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Secure your home with wireless light bulb cameras by ANBOSON



Safety issue is a big concern for people when they are out of family, especially when the elderly and children stay home. The popularity of security cameras at home, to some extent, contributes to the decrease of such concerns.  Among these home depot security cameras, the smart home wireless cameras are particularly popular due to their versatile functions and easy access to remote view and control on mobile phones.


Recently, ANBOSON launches a new wireless camera light bulb that’s designed with 360-degree panoramic view of the entire space. Sized at 140*70*75mm and offered with both 3MP and 960P resolutions, such light bulb cameras are equipped with F2.0/1.44mm fisheye lens and advanced 1/3” Progressive sensor. They are available with both E27 and E26 ports LED bulbs that’s easily installed into any light socket.


These smart light bulb camera works perfectly with our app, allowing you to remotely monitor what’s happening on your property on smart phones. You can scan the QR code in app user manual to download the app and follow the instructions to finish WiFi connectivity of cameras within a short period of time. The app provides a wide range of functionalities that enable you to freely manage and control the cameras for a better viewing and entertainment experience.


This light bulb cctv camera supports free pan/tilt control and come with different viewing modes including VR mode, super bowl, corridor mode, dual -screen as well as panoramic mode, etc.  They’re supplied with built-in speaker and microphone, enabling you to keep clear and convenient communications with your loved ones. The motion detector is also included to detect any movement in your house and send alert messages to your mobile phones after activate motion detection function, which’s essential for preventing intruders and burglaries.


The brightness of infrared light bulb camera can be adjusted freely from the app on your mobile phone. The light bulb turns on automatically under dim or dark environment while turns off when there’s enough light level within the area. With high quality night vision, the cameras offer clear monitoring of your property both day and night. You are also able to record HD videos to TF card which’s inserted in the camera with up to 128G. 

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